woven in

A collection of poetry inspired by nature and life moving in time.

Music /

Sound and rhythm.

A great still, like the breath of a fading storm hovers over the silence.
Restless, yet building like the beat of a joyous heart, it springs in laughter;
tumbling over the valleys and rivers, singing with the soft music of the brooks.

Silent /

Trees, sea, and wind.

Forever standing these silent beings,
Time making their limbs rough,
Their skin dull and coarse;
Yet the caress of their fingertips gentle.

The wind - her manner of whim,
A dancing breeze touching as a ghost,
Becomes a dragon roaring with madness,
Giants of the wood falling before her.

The sea, an endless mirror,
Reflecting the outer lights upon its surface,
Concealing the treachery within,
Washes along - taking the weak and fallen.

Time, wind and sea - through the ages,
Pull twist and grind the once mighty tree,
Leaving nothing but sharp fragments,
To become smooth and palid in the sun.

Along the shores these shards rest,
Observing life as it passes,
Cold water mingling with them,
Silent companions in a noisy world.

Greed /

Man and power.

Within the souls of men so deep-
Are seeds sown of a demon;
No thoughts of love warm their minds,
They billow away like smoke.

As if weaved through the soul-
The ethic he confines,
Wanes away-
In the musty cell of his mind.

From his fair lips spring lies,
His tongue tastes naught but ash,
His soul is consumed-
By this obscured malice.

A fire within his breast!
Seething rage and anger,
His thoughts turn to the sword,
Captured in Jealousy's snare.

Greed sends its plague,
It festers in the heart of Men,
If Power lies within their grasp,
Temptation blinds their eyes.

Weakness of the soul-
Allows Greed and its companion,
Into the threshold,
Of a man's warm heart.