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I have been inspired by the arts from a young age. Professionally, I am a digital artist and software developer providing quality advertising and websites to businesses and agencies around the country. It is my objective to observe an idea or invention of another, and convey it effectively to an audience through creative and elegant design.

Inspired by beauty, nature. The wind.

Nature is a presence of steadfast beauty, and pondering or adventuring among it holds my interest. Through artistic mediums of charcoal and oil, I endeavor to capture the things that exist among us - to hold them in time as if to preserve them. Sailing is a part of me - it is an adventure, a challenge of interacting with the wind and sea. Knowledge is fascinating, and I am interested in the challenge of learning. Woodworking, chess, reading, acoustic guitar, foraging, and fencing are pastimes that I pursue.

Skills and Resume


Pursue advertising and development to enrich my knowledge and skills while contributing my best to the organizations and clients I work for.


  • Proficient in website development and programming using proper structural coding methods, cross browser compatible design, as well as multiple platform development.
  • Proficient in device responsive structures and design.
  • Proficient with HTML, CSS, Wordpress, HTML5, PHP, Javascript and JQuery, MySQL database coding, and ASP.net.
  • Proficient in website development troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Knowledgeable in DNS transfer, hosting account management, and file uploading.
  • Competent in website, branding and technical design with a firm understanding of layout, font styling, color palettes, and themes.
  • Knowledgeable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver.
  • Understanding of social media integration using widgets, buttons, and feeds.
  • Strong desire to improve my knowledge and skills in current and future techniques and technologies.


Through study of proper method and technique, I have been expanding my knowledge and skill in design, website and application development for over four years.


LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing

6/1/2011 - Present

Independent Contractor

Technical Design and Development

  • Custom Wordpress theme design and development.
  • Device responsive development.
  • PHP, SQL Database and Javascript application development.
  • Concept design for websites (through Adobe Photoshop and CSS).
  • Custom templates developed in Adobe Dreamweaver to allow for efficient page manipulation and production.

Clocktower Media

2/1/2014 — Present

Independent Contractor

Custom Website Development

  • Custom Wordpress theme design and development.


6/1/2013 — Present

Independent Contractor

Custom Website Development

  • Custom Wordpress theme design and development.
  • Custom design and development of parallax scrolling website.

Big Fresh, INC.

3/1/2014 — Present

Independent Contractor

Wordpress Management

  • Custom Wordpress theme design and development.
  • Wordpress blog configuration.

Mindfly Design Studio

4/1/2014 — Present

Independent Contractor

Custom Website Design

  • Custom theme and layout design.


Island Packet Yachts

America's Cruising Yacht Leader

Independent Contractor

  • Custom theme design and development.
  • Full content formatting and styling.
  • Device responsive structure.
  • Custom page layouts and navigation.
  • Interactive JQuery slideshow integration.
  • Database management and file uploading.

We're A Big Deal Magazine

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Independent Contractor

  • Custom Wordpress theme design and development.
  • Full content formatting and migration from existing website.
  • Device responsive structure.
  • Custom identity design for branding and social marketing.
  • Custom Twitter feed and Clicky statistics integration.
  • Database management and file uploading.

+ many other local businesses and organizations


"Courtney Starks is a young woman on the rise. She's incredibly talented, knowledgeable and one of the strongest players on my team. She's very willing to learn new skills and try things that she hasn't done in the past. And every time I've presented her with a challenge, she's come through with flying colors. Courtney is professional and accountable for what she contracts to deliver. The quality of her work is impeccable and she's a joy to work with." - Drew Zagorski, Principal at LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing

First Place @ SkillsUSA Web Design Competition
April 2012

Business Inquiries

Whether you are interested in launching a new business, or giving a current enterprise a competitive and professional edge, contact Design by Courtney to discuss your project.

Courtney Starks

Founder of Design by Courtney